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The Hotel is located at 39 Gordon Street – at the corner of Dizengoff Street, a most central Tel Aviv location. A quick glance will reveal that you really are within some 5 minute walking distance from the beach. A few minutes short and easy walk in Gordon Street will take you directly to the Tel Aviv Promenade and Gordon Beach, one of the best-kept, beautiful Tel Aviv seashores.
Gordon Beach, painstakingly kept and clean, offers a variety of activities for all. On its adjacent Promenade you find a vast range of restaurants and coffee houses open at all hours of the day, as well as in the evening, in a romantic and enjoyable atmosphere on the seashore. Your choice ranges from meat, fish, seafood restaurants to coffee-bars and ice-cream parlours.
In the morning’s early hours you may find both tourists and locals jogging on the strand, or performing different sporting activities, as the beach is fitted with sport facilities, freely accessible to all. You may also find volleyball grounds, mini-football nets and sporting areas.
The lido also provides shade awnings, sun beds and deck-chairs renting services, drinking water, beach showers, children playground games, public toilets and obviously life-guards during the bathing season (usually from May first to the beginning of October)
Gordon beach is located near the popular Tel Aviv Marina where you can find a diving centre and dive inside the “Gordon cave”, look at the rocky reef, myriads of canyons and caves and come across squids and octopuses deep down underwater.
The Tel Aviv beaches are the central element which turns Tel Aviv into a city of tourism and leisure, a city brimming with life. Tel Aviv seashores spread over 14 km, and were planned at the beginning of the 1920’s together with the start of the city’s construction. The Gordon lido is one out of the 13 existing in town, and it is considered one of the sporting beaches.